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At Williams Auto Parts, Inc., we pride ourselves on being your go-to destination for premium quality used and new auto parts. With an expansive inventory boasting over 3,000 late model domestic cars and trucks, we cater to all your parts requirements, whether it's an engine replacement, body panels, lightly used tires, or anything else your vehicle demands. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a part-time mechanic, or a professional repair shop, we've got you covered with swift nationwide shipping.

While used parts remain our specialty, our commitment extends far beyond. Explore our diverse inventory, including an extensive selection of car batteries and sought-after items like owner's manuals and OEM radios. Additionally, don't miss our exclusive 'Project Cars' section featuring fantastic deals on slightly damaged yet fully operational vehicles with clear titles.

At Williams Auto Parts, Inc., we don't just sell parts; we ensure they reach you promptly. Most items are ready to be packaged and shipped within 24 hours of your purchase. Moreover, our customizable delivery services cater to items of all sizes, from body panels and engines to batteries and tires. Contact our dedicated sales team—Rocky, Heath, or Dusty—to explore tailored route schedules covering a vast area spanning Indiana and into Ohio.

Our Rich Legacy

Established in 1951 by Roger and Rosemary Williams in their home garage, Williams Auto Parts, Inc. has flourished into a fourth-generation family business situated at 127 Detroit Ave., Portland Indiana. From its roots as an automotive repair shop, the business has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of used auto parts and salvage yards in the Midwest, shipping parts nationwide. The legacy continues as Rocky and Lisa Williams, along with their son Heath, uphold the tradition of exceptional customer service and top-quality parts.

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Today's Focus: Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Our primary focus today revolves around ensuring customer satisfaction. With a significant inventory of late model domestic cars and trucks, we stand prepared to address your parts needs swiftly and efficiently. Conveniently located just 50 miles south of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, our Portland-based facility serves as one of the premier salvage yards in Indiana and the Midwest, within easy reach of surrounding states. Not only do we maintain a well-organized yard, but we also offer a wide array of new aftermarket parts, ranging from window regulators and motors to fuel pumps and window switches.

Contact us at 260-726-8001 or drop us an email to fulfill your auto parts requirements. Trust Williams Auto Parts, Inc. to deliver quality parts, unmatched service, and a legacy of family-driven commitment to your satisfaction.